Massachusetts Attorney Charged With Smuggling Drugs Into Plymouth Jail for Inmate

A Massachusetts woman faced a judge on Thursday on charges she used her attorney privileges to smuggle drugs into the Plymouth County House of Correction.

Elana Gordon, 42, of Bridgewater, was arrested Wednesday after an investigation that spanned several months and one that stems from another probe into the movement of narcotics through Brockton Superior Court, according to State Police detectives assigned to the Plymouth County District Attorney's office.

Prosecutors say Gordon, who is an attorney, was involved with an inmate and his sister to get drugs into the Plymouth House of Correction. Those drugs would then be sold to other inmates.

On May 4, investigators said Gordon gained entrance to the jail and allegedly passed Suboxone strips in manila envelopes to an inmate. Suboxone is a controlled substance used to treat pain as well as opioid dependence.

"When the investigators at the Plymouth County House of corrections opened up these envelopes, they found 61 strips of Suboxone. They were slipping through the envelope," said a court prosecutor. "A strip of Suboxone in the House of correction goes for approximately $200 a strip, which was approximately $12,000 worth of product that this defendant was bringing in to the Plymouth County House of Correction."

Gordon was held on a $1,000 cash bail. She is due back in court on June 11.

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