Massachusetts Communities Say They Will Remain Sanctuary Cities Despite Threats

Despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions' threats of cutting federal funds to sanctuary cities, some Massachusetts communities like Cambridge and Somerville say they won't change their policies.

Mayor Denise Simmons is standing strong that Cambridge will continue to be a sanctuary city despite Sessions' threats.

"One thing I can say, Cambridge will maintain it's its stance as a sanctuary city," Simmons said.

Sanctuary cities provide a safe haven for undocumented workers that could be deported.

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone is following suit with Cambridge.

"We're not going to tear a family apart because someone was pulled over for a broken tail light," said Curtatone.

Chelsea City Manager Thomas Ambrosino released a statement reading in part, "Our position in Chelsea is not going to change, regardless of what is said and what actions are taken by the Trump Administration. Our sanctuary city designation in Chelsea reflects a core value of the City – to treat all residents with dignity and respect, regardless of nation of origin or immigration status."

Some Cambridge residents said they don't like the threats and are happy with Simmon's stance.

"Boston itself is a very diverse city - that's one of the beauty of Boston," said Cambridge resident Abhi Thaem.

"I think that's the right thing to do. I think that's the kind of state that Massachusetts is and the kind of cities that Boston and Cambridge are," said Cambridge resident Brittany Cullen.

Mayors Simmons and Curtatone said if they do lose federal funding for essential programs, they will just have to do a little belt tightening and find the funds from other sources.

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