AG: Massachusetts Couple Charged With Sex Trafficking at Salem Brothel

A Massachusetts couple is facing charges for allegedly trafficking women for sex at a Salem brothel that served as a front for human trafficking and money laundering, according to the attorney general's office.

Woonryong Heo, and Hayun Nam, both 29, of Beverly, were arrested Wednesday by Massachusetts State Police assigned to the attorney general's office. Both suspects pleaded not guilty to one count each of trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, deriving support from prostitution, and money laundering at their arraignment Thursday in Salem District Court.

Through an investigation, authorities obtained evidence that Heo and Nam ran a "profitable and organized criminal enterprise through a residential brothel where they offered sexual activity between women and buyers in exchange for a fee," officials said in a statement.

The couple allegedly recruited women online, set up appointments and transported the women -- in some cases bringing them to and from South Station in Boston and Flushing, New York.

Bail for both Heo and Nam was set at $50,000, with conditions of release that they remain on house arrest, wear GPS tracking, stay away from the victims, surrender their passports, and not travel out of state.

A probable cause hearing is scheduled for March 14.

The investigation is ongoing.

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