Massachusetts High School Student Threatens to ‘Shoot Up' School With AR-15

A Massachusetts high school student was arrested Monday morning after making threats to "shoot up" the school with an AR-15.

Kane Jefferson, 18, of Taunton, is charged with terroristic threatening, disturbing a school assembly, two counts of threats to murder, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Jefferson was met by school resource officers when he entered Taunton High School on Monday. The high school's administration had notified officers that Jefferson, who had previous disciplinary issues, was returning to school Monday after having not been in attendance for the better part of the school year.

When Jefferson was met at the door by officers, he showed no interest in speaking with officers Laplante and Borges and he became non-compliant.

When the officers tried to speak with the student, they were met with murder threats, according to Taunton police.

Following the threats, Jefferson was escorted to the security office where he threatened to disarm the officers, kill them, then return with an AR-15 and shoot up the school.

Jefferson resisted arrest, was taken to the ground after a brief struggle and handcuffed.

No weapons were found on Jefferson at the time of his arrest.

He was taken to the Taunton Police Department where he was booked.

Taunton detectives are investigating the incident.

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