Massachusetts Towns Pay Homage to the Fallen on Memorial Day

Since the Revolutionary War, more than 37,000 men and women from Massachusetts have given their lives defending the country.

Today is all about taking time to remember them.

On a beautiful massachusetts day, in cities and towns around the state, people gathered at cemeteries to honor those who died for our country.

I’m obligated to do my duty here, honoring our dead who sacrificed their lives for our country so that people could live free.

From Worcester to Medford, veterans, clergy and elected officials also paid tribute to current service men and women as well as veterans who are still alive.

"There are soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and Coast Guardsman standing watch around the world at this very instant," Mike Rush said.

In Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh thanked those who showed up but also called on citizens of all ages going forward to honor the war dead, not just the elderly.

"We need to get some of the younger millennials here as well," Walsh said."They need to understand and respect our country and the people who gave their lives and gave us what we have."

There were gun saluts in Lexington, and at every event, a wreath laying, all to say thank you to the tens of thousands of |Massachusetts men and women who lost their lives for the country.

Many of those who particapted in memorial day events today called on citizans throughout the state to take a moment in between picnics and bar-b-qs to remember what this holiday is really all about.

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