Massachusetts Legislators Weigh In on Anthony Scaramucci's Exit

After just 11 days on the job, Anthony Scaramucci is out as White House communications director. His dismissal on Monday came as President Donald Trump brought in General John Kelly as his new Chief of Staff.

"The White House has been in a state of chaos now for many days and weeks," said Massachusetts Democratic Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. "And I think Mr. Scaramucci contributed to that. General Kelly recognized that and I think it’s appropriate that he’s been moved out."

Members of the Massachusetts delegation who spoke to NBC Boston on Monday said they’re not surprised Scaramucci didn’t last long, especially after the controversial interview he gave The New Yorker magazine last week.

"My thoughts were he was going to be ineffectual in that capacity given that article not only was profane but it demonstrated there was a clear agenda he had to punish those with whom he found disagreement," said Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal.

The Congressman said he hopes General Kelly can turns things away from what he calls the tabloid nature of the White House.

"There needs to be individuals who can step back and say, 'we’re going to right the ship,'" said Neal.

Congresswoman Tsongas said all the turmoil has made it difficult to focus on critical problems facing the country.

"The American people want an important debate around the issues that we have," she said. "The leadership in the White House has not to date allowed for that, and my hope is General Kelly will bring some order to the disarray that seems to be the culture that exists there."

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