Massachusetts Man Charged With Attempted Murder of NY Police Officer

The officer was treated for hand and arm injuries and released

What to Know

  • A Massachusetts man allegedly dragged a Westchester County cop three-quarters of a mile on a busy highway
  • The struggle reached speeds of up to 60 MPH before the officer was able to stop the car
  • After the car was towed, investigators found 9,000 envelopes of heroin stashed inside

A traffic stop turned into a nearly fatal dragging for a New York police officer on Monday, and also led to a massive drug bust.

Westchester County officials said the officer made a traffic stop Monday morning on the northbound Hutchinson River Parkway in New Rochelle. When he discovered the driver did not have a valid license, he asked the man to step out of the car. 

The driver initially complied, but then jumped back into the car and drove off.

According to police, the officer was able to climb into the car as it fled, struggling with the driver at speeds nearing 60 MPH as the driver swerved across lanes and repeatedly braked and accelerated in an effort to throw the officer.

After a run of nearly three-quarters of a mile, the officer managed to stop the car.

The driver then attempted to flee again before being boxed in by another officer's car and detained. 

Later Monday, after the car had been impounded and towed, investigators discovered about 9,000 glassine envelopes of heroin stashed inside. 

The suspect, identified as Kevin Santos, 22, of Massachusetts, faces charges including attempted murder of a police officer, assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance. 

The officer was treated for hand and arm injuries and released. 

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