Massachusetts Mosque Leaders Take Safety Precautions After London Attack

Some Massachusetts mosque leaders are taking safety precautions after a van plowed into a crowd in north London early Monday, killing one Muslim worshiper and injuring 10 others.

The attack outside the Finsbury Park mosque is very concerning for worshipers at the Islamic Society of Boston in Cambridge.

"We are concerned about the safety of the Muslims while trying to be worshiping during the month of Ramadan," said worshiper E'Atimad Rizk.

On Friday, just two days before the attack in London, leaders at the Islamic Society of Boston requested extra security as a precaution. Now in light of the recent attack, officers are doing frequent patrols.

"The officers will go to that location get out say, 'is there anything you need,'" explained Cambridge Deputy Superintendent Stephen Ahern.

John Robbins, head of the state's largest Muslim advocacy group says tension has been high since Ramadan began.

"Certainly many people are very nervous. Women for example have decided to stop wearing the headscarf because they felt threatened," Robbins said.

Rizk agrees with Robbins but says people would rather feel understood.

"They do feel, I don’t want to say targeted or threatened, but they do feel... a bit uncomfortable," Rizk said. "Please. Come to the Machid, come and learn about us. Don’t think Muslims are bad or terrorists."

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