Lawmaker Makes Social Media Snafu Ahead of Mayoral Race

A Massachusetts representative's Facebook post to an ex-girlfriend went public Thursday ahead of his mayoral campaign in Attleboro.

"I have several job opportunities available to me in New York," Rep. Paul Heroux wrote in his post. "I don't want to run for mayor. I'd much rather go down there and rebuild with you."

The revelation of the post came just days before Heroux's mayoral campaign kick-off on Saturday.

A screenshot of the post was provided to the State House News Service by Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a non-profit group that frequently targets Democrats.

Heroux has stated that he meant to post the message privately so that only his ex-girlfiend could see it.

The representative denied wrongdoing, saying that he had been vocal about his hesitation running for mayor since the beginning of his campaign.

"I said in March I had reservations about running for mayor," Heroux said in a statement to NBC Boston.

According to the State House News Service, Heroux has said he was motivated to enter the race out of distrust for longtime Attleboro mayor, Republican Kevin Dumas.

Heroux took to Facebook on Saturday to post on his page pictures of his campaign kickoff barbecue.

"We had excellent turnout at the cookout today. Thank you to all the team. This was my most successful cookout yet," he wrote.

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