Mass. Republicans Split on Whistleblower Complaint Against Trump

As the nation's Democratic leaders rally around a common goal — pursuing an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump — Massachusetts Republicans are divided.

Republican consultant Holly Robichaud says the Democrats push for impeachment will backfire much like she believes their overzealous efforts backfired on the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the Robert Mueller report.

"I think this is going to be the death knell of the Democrats. I believe that the American people are going to completely reject what they're doing, realize that Congress is not doing their job and throw Nancy Pelosi right out of the speakership."

Asked if she thinks Trump's phone call with the president of Ukraine was OK, Robichaud said, "I don't see anything wrong that he did."

Geoff Diehl, Trump's former campaign manager in Massachusetts, says Democrats are trying to twist the facts of what really happened with the Ukraine to smear Trump before the election.

"It really looks like Joe Biden is the one who's got major issues going on with the situation in the Ukraine," Diehl said. "Actually, Donald Trump was trying to do a favor and say, 'Hey look, if you need, you should really be looking at this.'"

Former Massachusetts Republican Chair Gene Hartigan has a different view.

"There seems to be enough material evidence to prove that what he did, he did," Hartigan said.

The former chair says Republicans should realize that this is the end game for Trump — opening the door for Mike Pence to take over the Oval Office, a more traditional Republican Hartigan believes could work with Democrats to pass legislation and possibly get elected president.

"I think it's time for Mitch McConnell to gather together enough Republicans to work with the Democrats in the Senate to approve impeachment," Hartigan said. "And I think that could happen."

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has called the whistleblower complaint a deeply disturbing situation and says it is the responsibility for Congress to investigate.

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