Massachusetts School Votes to Replace Native American Mascot

The name, mascot and logo are "distorting the history and culture of Native American people," North Brookfield Superintendent Richard Lind said

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A Massachusetts school committee has voted unanimously to retire a Native American name and mascot that has represented the high school since 1960. 

Superintendent Richard Lind recommended that the North Brookfield committee members vote to retire the "Indians" name, mascot and logo Monday, the Telegram & Gazette reported

Lind said that it is his job to create a safe environment and these symbols do not allow him to do that.

Washington’s NFL team announced on Monday that they will be changing their team name and logo after corporate sponsors urged them to drop the old name, which is a racist slur.

"(The symbols are) distorting the history and culture of Native American people," Lind said. He added that allowing children to see the symbols condoned is harmful.

School Committee Chairperson Maria Tucker said that most who spoke in November were in favor of the change, however, some written testimonies were submitted in favor of keeping the mascot. 

Tucker said the testimonies raised concerns about the preservation of the team's legacy and the cost associated with updating uniforms and updating the logo in places like the gymnasium. 

A new name will be chosen at a later date. Lind said that he has researched how other schools handle transitioning into new mascots and will follow a similar process that will likely involve a committee of students, community members and school department staff. 

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