Massachusetts State Police

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Dishonorably Discharged Over Past Drug Dealing Operation

A Massachusetts State Police trooper has been dishonorably discharged after the department said she did not disclose her past involvement in a drug dealing operation before joining the force.

State police say Leigha Genduso, a member of the K9 unit, provided untruthful information during her hiring process, concealing her own drug use and her participation in dealing narcotics.

Genduso resigned during the termination process, but state police issued her a dishonorable discharge.

Police claim Genduso made false statements on her job application and never disclosed to any member of the department that she had been involved in the operation.

No specific allegations against Genduso were revealed by the department.

"Under the leadership of Col. Kerry Gilpin, the Massachusetts State Police recently created a new checklist for the background check process, and broadened the questionnaire for recruit candidates to include questions about involvement in any criminal investigation, even if the candidate was not charged with a crime," state police spokesperson Dave Procopio said in a statement.

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