Mass. State Troopers Reunited With Puppies They Rescued From Puerto Rico

An animal shelter in Massachusetts has taken in hundreds of dogs from Puerto Rico, including puppies rescued by state troopers.

Thursday, Massachusetts State Police troopers went to the Sterling Animal Shelter, which took in more than 200 dogs, to reunite with the puppies they helped after Hurricane Maria.

"We had no idea the animals we rescued were coming to Massachusetts," said Lieutenant Tim Luce.

The troopers were deployed to Puerto Rico in December to help the hurricane-ravaged island.

"We had to add about 40 minutes to our trip because the troopers wanted to stop," said Luce. "They brought food and water, they provided some comfort to these animals."

The mission for the troopers was to help local authorities get the island back on its feet.

"Mostly assist with law-enforcement related duties, like traffic duties, and we assisted on some incidents," said Luce.

While carrying out their mission, they rescued about 20 stray dogs left behind by their owners after Hurricane Maria.

"You didn't hear a growl from any of the dogs. Not too many of them were malnourished," said trooper Steve Hernandez. "They're great dogs."

Some of the puppies the troopers rescued have found forever homes, including a 10-month-old mix who is now a part of the Cain family.

"He's been wonderful, he's a good boy," said Kris Cain.

The family got a chance to thank the officers that brought them together.

"To actually see the man who saved him is something," said Cain.

The Sterling Animal Shelter has taken in more than 100 dogs from Puerto Rico since December. Friday, about nine puppies will be up for adoption.

The shelter opens at 11 a.m. For more information, visit its website.

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