Massachusetts Student Fights For Use of VGo Robot In Classroom

A Massachusetts family is making a plea with their school district to allow their son to be in the classroom via a robot, when he physically can't.

Twelve-year-old Keegan Concannon was born with Common Variable Immunodeficiency which causes him to not have an immune system to fight infections or illness.

As a result, he misses anywhere from 49 to more than 100 days of school each year.

"There are some days I do get mad because I can’t do my work, because I don’t understand it," Concannon said.

In the 2nd grade, he began using a robot known as VGo which allows him to participate in class when he can't physically can't be there.

When Concannon reached the 4th grade, his mother said administrators at Hudson Public Schools told them the robot was no longer allowed in school because it was a distraction to other kids and it was expensive.

She's been fighting to get it back in the classroom ever since.

"He wants to learn from his teachers. He wants to collaborate with his projects and not just put his name on projects," said Keegan's mom, Laura Concannon.

On Tuesday night, family and friends ade an emotional plea to the Hudson School Board Tuesday night for them to reconsider.

Laura Concannon says a foundation is now offering to provide Keegan with a robot — free of charge.

"It's very heartbreaking. I just don't understand why a parent has to fight and continue fighting. It should be much easier than this," said Laura Concannon.

During Tuesday's meeting, members of the school board were sympathetic but said they aren't allowed to vote on Keegan's situation. They say that decision is up to the superintendent and administrators.

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