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Massport to Study Potential Monorail System at Logan

Getting around Logan Airport could soon become a lot easier.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Massport, which operates at the airport, will spend $15 million to design and study the feasibility of a train, or monorail, would be better suited as the primary service to shuttle travelers around the airport.

The proposed monorail would be the primary means of transportation for patrons between terminals, the MBTA’s Blue Line, economy parking lot and car rental centers.

Back in 2015, Massport floated the idea of constructing a moving sidewalk between the Blue Line and Terminal E, which is the airport’s primary international terminal. Thomas Glynn, Massport’s chief executive, believes the monorail solution at all four of Logan’s terminals would be a better solution.

"I think this would be the best case, if it were feasible," Glynn told the Globe. "Once you address the missing link, can you go further than that and make something that transforms ground options at the airport? This can, if it’s physically feasible and affordable."

The project could take a decade to complete and could cost upwards of at least $1 billion.

The Globe report states that more than a dozen airports across the US have monorail-like systems. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) recently began construction on a $5 billion rail system, but the price tag includes 25 years of operation and maintenance.

Traffic congestion at Logan, which has only grown worse since rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft replaced taxi cabs as the most populate method of getting to and from the airport, is the primary reason behind the monorail study, according to Glynn.

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