Maynard School to Pay $40,000 Fine After Mold, Asbestos Discovery in Kindergarten Class

Asbestos and mold were discovered in the kindergarten wing of Green Meadow Elementary School earlier this month

Following the discovery of asbestos and mold in a Maynard kindergarten class, the school's district has been ordered to pay a hefty fine of more than $40,000 by Massachusetts officials.

The kindergarten wing of Green Meadow Elementary School was temporarily closed earlier this month after asbestos and mold were found in the ceiling. The health of the kindergarten students affected by the dangerous discovery was enough to warrant a fine of $42,500 from the state’s Department of Labor Services.

"Just knowing that my son was there, I don’t know the harm it might have done within that year," said Jonathan Shulman, whose son attended a kindergarten class at Green Meadow. "It’s upsetting."

Parents have expressed disappointment with the school committee, who they feel let the problem fester too long. However, school officials said student safety is their top priority.

"The absolute most important element of this is the health and wellbeing of the children in that school," Mike Walden, president of the Maynard Education Association, said. "I’m glad that the problem is actually, finally being resolved."

Myles Clancy, a parent whose child attends the school, thinks the superintendent should resign.

"I didn’t hear any kind of answers that I felt like he’s somebody who’s really thinking about really beyond this sort of crisis," he said. "I just sort of hear someone who’s kind of in the moment."

The Maynard Department of Public Works is also being fined $20,000 for the asbestos and mold. Both the department and school district are to make the payment by March 8.

The Maynard school committee says it is doing what it can to improve the school’s condition.

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