Mayor Walsh Still Won't Say If He'll Seek Re-Election Next Year

He was asked about his plans for 2021 a day after he told a reporter that At-Large City Councilor informed him she is planning to run

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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wouldn't say if he plans to seek re-election next year, a day after he told a reporter that At-Large City Councilor Michelle Wu informed him she is planning to run for the city's top office.

"Right now I'm focused on running the city and seeing us through the COVID-19 crisis," Walsh said at a press conference Tuesday. "My job right now is focusing on being the mayor of the City of Boston."

The mayor said he is spending most of his time and energy right now making sure schools are able to reopen safely, working to keep essential workers and restaurant employees from losing their jobs and fighting for racial equity. And when he's not at work, he said he's working to ensure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected to the White House.

"There will be plenty of time to have those conversations," he said of whether he'll seek another term.

Walsh was also asked Tuesday why he revealed that Wu called him Sunday to tell him she was running for mayor next year instead of letting her release the news on her own terms. The Boston Globe reported that Wu told Walsh the news in a Sunday phone call. A spokeswoman for Wu did not deny the news but the candidate has yet to make a formal announcement.

"A reporter from the Globe asked me a question -- if I had received the call. He had heard I received a call form the councilor," the mayor said. "When I say no comment and I know an answer it's pretty not fair to do."

"I was asked a question by a Globe reporter," he added when pressed by a reporter. "I've answered every question you've asked me."

Boston City Councilor At-Large Michelle Wu will run for mayor next year, according to Mayor Marty Walsh. The Boston Globe reported that Wu told Walsh the news in a Sunday phone call.

Walsh's last coronavirus update came two weeks ago, when he discussed a recent coronavirus spike in the city's East Boston neighborhood. He said if the situation didn't improve, he might have to consider a curfew, among other measures.

On Tuesday, the mayor said the situation in East Boston has shown some improvement of late but he remains concerned.

"We're starting to see the numbers go down," he said, from a positive test rate of 11.4% two weeks ago to 8.7% as of Sept. 1. "That's a good way to see the numbers go. We want to continue that downward trajectory."

Walsh said free, mobile testing will continue at Central Square Park through Saturday.

Neighbors are upset a huge party in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood wasn't broken up sooner.

Citywide, 25 new cases of coronavirus were reported Tuesday, with no additional deaths. The total number of cases is now at 15,967, including 754 deaths.

"We've seen now a couple weeks of decline," Walsh said. "That's a good thing to see."

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