MBTA Seeks to Remedy Recent Rocky Service

Several incidents have caused delays and other problems for rail riders

After a two-week period of rocky incidents for the MBTA, transportation officials are seeking a way to remedy the recent service.

The Green Line’s B branch derailed on Saturday morning, leaving the trolley disabled near Blanford Street until 9:30 p.m.

Just two weeks ago, an MBTA Commuter Rail train on the Fitchburg Line was involved in an upright derailment and another Commuter Rail train’s turbocharger engine experienced a mechanical problem that sparked a fire.

No injuries were reported in either incident, but the Boston Herald reports that they were enough to prompt Commuter Rail operator Keolis and MBTA officials to call for a meeting.

"The secretary has instructed the MBTA, as part of its review of the incidents in the last week, to evaluate whether there were steps that could have been taken to avoid 'cascading failures' impacting customers of the trains not disabled," MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo told the Herald.

Pesaturo said the MBTA is investing $8 million in its aging trains, which is expected to decrease the number of issues it faces.

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