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MBTA Trains May Operate at Reduced Speeds During Heat Wave

The Hub is facing yet another day of 90-degree weather as we stretch into a fourth day of the heat wave

While harsh temperatures and a heat wave continue to linger in Boston for a fourth day, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority warns some trains may be operating at a reduced speed.

The MBTA made the announcement Tuesday as the Hub faces yet another day of 90-degree weather. Slightly longer travel times can be expected while the T travels at slower rates of speed to deal with heat on the tracks.

To help upkeep the T during the heat wave, crews will perform track inspections and be on train sites, ready to make emergency repairs if needed.

As for buses, crews will regularly be checking air conditioning and making repairs when necessary. MBTA officials ask passengers to refrain from opening windows on any buses so the vehicles can stay cool with air conditioning on.

The T said adjustments have been made to prevent low-hanging wires, which tend to sag during hot weather.

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