Meet Karv Meals, Boston's Newest Online Meat Home Delivery Service

Now that there’s a new Boston-based home delivery online service, Karv Meals, targeting carnivores and the way forward for people looking to source and eat grass-fed, organic, free range everything from an all-US farm network (and all neatly packaged in dry ice and delivered to your door on a monthly basis) we decided to try it out for ourselves. For science. And our stomachs.

The monthly kit sent to our Highly Trained Scientific Meat Researchers From Hungrytown is designed to sate the cravings and lean protein needs of a one-person family. Supplies come stocked in the handsome delivery kit (monthly subscribers and can adjust for two, three, and four-person families), and the box and foam packaging safeguarding the parcel is even made from special materials for composting and biodegradability.

“We started by surveying thousands of meat kit consumers through in-home interviews,” said Karv marketing director Paula Lopes. After shadowing dozens of families and test customers while they used other services, Lopes said the information that yielded became invaluable in terms of learning common frustrations voiced about other currently available programs. From there Karv was born, but the grass-finished meat, heritage pork, and organic free-range chickens aren’t simply tossed in a box at random. Lopes says the company conducted independent research in order to glean data on how much consumers tend to eat of each protein they offer. That way, each delivery consumers are provided with an equal distribution between chicken and the other meats, but say, are provided less pork (unless specified differently) which research suggested was consumed less on average versus the other proteins.

Below, you’ll find the final numbers assembled during the thorough vetting of the meaty parcel by our crack team of food-centric investigative scientists who are definitely real and not just the author and his girlfriend.

Karv Meals, by the numbers:

Hermetically sealed cuts of various meatstuffs in box: 12-15

Of those that have been turned into something delicious: 13

Number that were misfires involving too much tumeric and grass-fed shaved steak: 1

Number of packaged meats accidentally left on the counter too long and thus a tragic trashing was required: 1

Percentage of farms being based in the US Karv partners with for all meat: 100%

Amount Karv’s delivery box package foam is made with non-GMO corn and safe for composting:100%

Days it takes to biodegrade in average moist soil: 60

Temperature of the dry ice keeping everything cold and safe: -109.3F

Detailed and handsomely designed guides for thawing, cooking while frozen, and internal temperature guide for each meat style: 5

The only temperature you should eat steak at: 130-135F (medium rare)

Grocery items and general pantry, fridge, and freezer must-haves in the provision guide included: 38

Number of those that are a mandolin: 1

Number of times our researcher has ever used a mandolin in his life: 0

Pages in the Gourmand’s Guide to healthy eating with Karv’s meats included in the delivery: 21

Number of those including avocado toast: 0

Scale of 1-10 that made our researcher pleased: 10

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