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Mild and Dry Overnight in New England

Even though our air is still coming from Canada, we have warmer weather.

A powerful storm in northern Canada has drawn air up from the middle of the United States into southern Canada which is now coming across Ontario and into New England.

Highs Tuesday broke into the 80s, and overnight lows are mostly in the 50s to low 60s.

For a second day in a row many areas warm to 80° again Wednesday.

We are going to add some clouds to the sky though, as one of the outer bands from the former hurricane Irma, reaches into southern and western New England.

Call it a mix of clouds and sunshine with high temperatures in the 70s and low 80s, light variable wind, becoming more from the southwest 10 to 15 during the afternoon.

The remnant of Irma backed all the way into Alabama today, and will start heading toward Ohio tomorrow.

The storm is a mere ghost of its former self, very little wind, and only light to moderate rain bands.

A few of those rain bands may work in Wednesday, as scattered showers. But the weather still looks pretty nice with sun and clouds and temperatures near 80° once again.

Whatever is left of the Irma, mostly upper level low, will pass over Friday with a few more scattered showers.

There's also a very weak front moving south from Canada that may bend down here late Friday into early Saturday. The result will be a few clouds to start the weekend, and perhaps a breeze coming off the ocean at the beaches. But the early call for the weekend is mostly dry with temperatures remaining a little bit above the seasonable average, in the 70s. The beaches may be be a little bit cooler, but it looks like a nice weekend.

After that we have to pay attention to whatever is left of hurricane Jose. Jose now spinning east of The Bahamas, is expected to be back toward the United States over the weekend, but the trend is for Jose to pass out to sea well to the east next week.

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