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Some Steady Rain Incoming for Thanksgiving Travel

Today was a nice change from yesterday’s nearly brutal wind chill out of the northwest. We can thank the change in wind direction for today’s warmth, along with the plentiful sunshine. Today featured mostly sunny skies and a southwesterly wind that ushered in high temperatures near 60° for most of southern New England. We are in for a relatively mild night as clouds thicken with an active southwest breeze keeping temperatures in the 40s, with a cold front sliding in overnight, bringing in some moisture for the first half of our Wednesday.

It’s a big travel day Wednesday and the period of developing rain will last longest in southeastern New England – not dropping more than scattered rain and high terrain snow showers in Western New England, but a steady rain from morning to midday in Worcester, wrapping up during early afternoon in Boston and mid to late afternoon on Cape Cod.

Thereafter, drier and cool air blows into New England, locking in sunshine for Thanksgiving Day for great local travel conditions with highs in the 40s and a repeat performance on Friday. Continuing in our pattern of ups and downs, Saturday will bring temperatures back into the 50s ahead of some evening showers with a passing cold front, then drier and cooler air sets in for a couple of days Sunday into the start of next week before our next moderation in the exclusive 10-day Early Warning Weather Forecast.

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