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Mild Weather Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Snow Chance Next Week

A lovely Valentine’s Day is coming up for Thursday. Temperatures won’t be as mild as they were on Wednesday, but we will see a lot of sunshine and less wind.

If you’re heading out early Thursday morning, be careful of the black ice. With significant snowmelt Tuesday, there will be refreezing as temperatures drop into the 20s and 30s. Snowmelt will continue Thursday.

Friday will be very mild. High temperatures will reach the upper-40s and low 50s. It won’t be the brightest day, but it won’t be a washout either. It’s possible that we could see a few showers throughout the day, though. Northern New England may see some snow mix in.

The weekend looks fairly quiet right now. Temperatures will be seasonably chilly. Highs will climb into the 30s for most of us.

Next week gets us off to a cold start. Temperatures will be in the low 30s. Our weather will turn a bit more active as the week progresses. Snow is not out of the question.

Right now, it looks like our best chance for snow will be on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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