Dog With ‘Boundless' Energy Keeps Getting Returned to MSPCA, But Shelter Hopes 4th Adoption Is a Charm

Minnie, a two-year-old Doberman pinscher-pit bull mix, is described as loving and loyal with "boundless physical energy"

She's lovable, doggone it!

A two-year-old Doberman pinscher-pit bull mix is yet again looking for her forever home after being returned to a Boston animal shelter for a record fourth time due to her high energy level, the shelter said Monday.

But the staff at MSPCA–Angell hasn't given up on Minnie, who they describe as loving and loyal. It's just that her energy "wore out" her first three adopters and landed her back at the shelter in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

Now they're looking for someone just as energetic to take her home with them.

"Minnie has proved a challenge because she's smart as a whip and has boundless physical energy," said Rob Halpin, MSPCA's director of public relations, in a statement.

She was first adopted Feb. 26, but her first owner brought her back. Her next adoption in April lasted a week, according to the MSPCA. The next one, July 9, lasted just two days.

All three adopters found her energy levels to be overwhelming.

"We've gotten really good at aligning adopters' lifestyles and interests with the needs of adoptable pets, and setting adopter's expectations for how animals will behave in their homes, but it's never a perfect science," said Anna Rafferty-Foré, associate director of the MSPCA's Boston adoption center, in a statement.

"No dog demonstrates that more than Minnie, and none of us can recall a dog who's been adopted and returned four times. But we're not giving up until we find the perfect home for this special dog," she continued.

Since returning to the shelter, Minnie has been spending her days in obedience training with staff, which included in her adoption fee. The lessons will help her obey the sit, stay and come commands and how to walk better on a leash.

Minnie would make a great companion for someone like a runner, hiker or outdoor enthusiast, officials said, getting at least two dogs a day and playing with their owner a lot. A home without another dog is preferable, as is a home with older children, rather than younger ones.

Potential adopters can email to set up a time to see her.

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