MIT, Boston University Students Warned After Burglaries at Frat Houses

Police investigate burglaries targeting frat houses in Boston's Back Bay

Police at MIT and Boston University are warning of recent burglaries in Boston's Back Bay.

At least nine burglaries have targeted MIT fraternity houses on Commonwealth Avenue, Beacon Street and Memorial Drive.

The burglars are brazen. They're going up fire escapes, through open windows and breaking into garages.

In the Phi Kappa Theta frat on Comm Ave., a male student reported waking up in the middle of the night to find the burglar opening his bedroom door, shining a flashlight into his room. The suspect fled the scene.

"Pretty clever, because it's easy to get in the house whenever you want, really. No one is really paying attention. There's always random people coming in and out," said Connor Whittemore who lives in one of the frats.

The burglars are getting away with items like PlayStations, laptops and wallets.

MIT Police are warning students to lock their doors and windows and report any suspicious activity.

Boston University Police are also warning their students because of the proximity of the burglaries to Kenmore Square.

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