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Strong Storms Possible Thursday Before More Mild Weather Ends Week

It will be a mixed bag of weather in New England as we move into a weekend that includes the Red Sox Home Opener, Passover, Easter and more

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Our temperatures have risen to the upper 60s making it another joyous day for southern New England.

While the south has taken advantage of the mostly sunny afternoon, we’re tracking the consistent scattered showers that keep moving from west to east in Vermont through Maine. Our evening forecast for both differentiates significantly with temperatures in the 50s and showers in the north while temps go from the 70s to the 60s in the south, along a mix of sun and clouds.

Our warm front will push in a southwest flow, temperatures will rise to the upper 70s tomorrow across much of the southwest, allowing for some spots to reach for the 80s. Out in the east, however, an onshore flow along the eastern shore will keep a dramatic difference with temperatures ranging from the upper 40s to the 50s from Boston to Maine.

Storms possible Thursday

While scattered showers will start early in the morning, our storm development will increase in western and southwestern New England tomorrow afternoon and through the evening. These storms will have the potential of becoming strong to severe and bring the threat of strong wind gusts along the chance of hail. We've issued a First Alert for parts of New England. As these storms enter western New England they’ll move off to the east in the evening, but as they do so they’ll encounter cooler temperatures and more stable air in eastern New England for which their intensity will likely weaken.

This will bring the chance of keeping scattered showers with embedded downpours and some isolated thunderstorms entering the east, but not as strong and severe as out in the west.

As the showers exit Thursday night, we’ll see improving conditions with a mostly sunny afternoon on Friday. Highs will rise to the 60s on Friday and keep the steady light wind that afternoon for our Red Sox opener game.

Weekend forecast

For our weekend outlook, showers come back on Saturday but the good news is that these showers will likely take some time to come in until the afternoon hours. Saturday will also be a warmer day than Sunday, highs reach the upper 60s on Saturday and drop to the 50s on Sunday- but keeping it fair, Sunday will likely bring drier conditions. Easter Sunday could bring some breezy conditions in the afternoon with not too much of a chance in temperatures on Monday.

Forecast for Monday Marathon

For our Boston Marathon forecast we’ll keep the 50s but we’ll start off cool in the 40s with lighter winds. For the rest of next week, we see temperatures mostly in the upper 50s on our exclusive 10-day forecast.

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