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Lunar Eclipse on MLK Jr. Weekend Could be Visible Across New England

If skies are clear, all of New England will be able to view the total lunar eclipse

In a somewhat rare treat, all of New England will be able to view next weekend’s total lunar eclipse. As long as the weather cooperates, that is.

The full ‘wolf’ moon next weekend will slip through Earth’s shadow next Sunday night into very early Monday morning (January 20-21).

In New England the partial eclipse, meaning part of the moon will be hidden by Earth’s shadow, starts at about 10:34 PM.

The moon will be fully in the shadow, making it a total eclipse, from 11:41 PM-12:44 AM.

The moon will exit the partial eclipse phase at 1:51 AM.

Sometimes during a lunar eclipse the moon takes on a red-hue. That happens because of the way sunlight is filtered and refracted towards the moon.

The good news is certainly that we can see the entire eclipse process, and that it happens on a long holiday weekend when it may be easier for folks to stay up late.

The bad news may be the weather. It’s still too early for specifics, but at this point there is an indication that we’ll be fighting clouds and precipitation across parts of New England next weekend.

We’ll be working on nailing down those details as we get closer.

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