Mom Outraged Over Messages in Mass. Yearbook Supporting Son's Accused Killer

Adrian Kimborowicz, 20, was fatally shot last year, and a former classmate is facing a charge of armed assault with intent to murder in the killing

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The mother of a former Dracut High School student shot and killed last year is demanding all the school's current yearbooks be reprinted after seeing messages of support for her son's alleged killer.

“I just, I couldn’t even believe that that was allowed,” said Heidi Kimborowicz. “How did you let that get by?”

Adrian Kimborowicz, 20, was shot in Lowell last September and died in October. His former classmate, 18-year-old Christian Lemay, is facing a charge of armed assault with intent to murder in the killing.

In the yearbook, two students put the caption, “Free mello,” which is Lemay’s nickname.

“It’s awful,” said Kimborowicz. “I don’t think any mother would be okay looking at something that is saying, 'Free somebody who killed their child.' … There’s a lot of people who are supposed to edit the yearbook and look at the quotes and look at what people are writing before it’s allowed to go through.”

Kimborowicz and others protested outside a town meeting on Monday, which school officials attended.

She said she reached out to the superintendent of Dracut Public Schools and the principal responded with an email.

“Basically, 'Notified about the mistake in the yearbook, we’re not sure how it got by and we apologize.' That’s definitely not enough. I would like a public apology and I’d like the yearbooks reprinted,”

We reached out to both the Dracut superintendent and principal for comment, but haven’t heard back.

Lemay is out on $7,500 cash bail and is on house arrest. He is due back in court on July 16 for a probable cause hearing, according to Lowell District Court records.

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