More Clouds Than Sun Saturday, But Day Warms Up Quickly

For most of our Saturday, it is not raining, but some showers and isolated thunder are possible in the afternoon

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For the third day in a row we get temperatures near 90° Saturday. It’s all about location. The last two days has been Vermont. Saturday, the 90° air is more from inland southern New England, into southern Vermont, and New Hampshire, maybe even parts of Maine.

There’s light wind down near the ground from the southwest, that’s keeping the south-facing beaches on the cooler side. And probably some low clouds and fog on parts of Cape Cod that may not burn off.

Move inland about 20 or 30 miles and temperatures jump well into the 80s to near 90° with sunshine likely burning through the clouds. Overall though there are more clouds than sunshine Saturday. There’s also enough energy in the atmosphere to kick off a few showers or thunderstorms.

Upper level flow is still from the northwest, any showers and storms are going to be moving toward the southeast at 10 to 20 mph. Any one location that does get rain, it shouldn't last very long. There’s a slight chance for some powerful thunderstorms, too, because the air mass is rich in warmth and humidity.

For most of our Saturday though, it is not raining.

Low clouds and fog may fill in, especially near the coastline Saturday night, otherwise maybe a view of the waxing flower moon, a very warm and somewhat uncomfortable night with a low temperature mostly in the 60s, with higher humidity.

We should see more in the way of sunshine Sunday, with many locations getting close to 90° once again. But the humidity is up so it’s a hot one.

Wind is once again from the southwest, west at 10 to 20 mph.

There’s a dramatic cold front that’s going to cross from north to south with a gusty downpour and/or thunderstorm likely in New Hampshire and Maine just after lunch. A shower or thunderstorm is possible elsewhere later in the day for southern New England.

But for most of us it’s partly to mostly sunny with temperatures near 90°, again cooler at the south-facing coastline ahead of a gusty cold front. The temperature may go from near 90° to 75° in just a few minutes as the front goes by -- last to see the cooler air will be along the south coast.

Beautiful high pressure from Canada brings in a sunny Monday with temperatures in the 60s near the shore and north, low 70s inland south.

A warm front whisks by with a chance of a shower Tuesday afternoon, with a high temperature in the 70s.

Warm, to hot again, for Wednesday and windy with sunshine giving way to clouds and a chance of a squall line and severe thunderstorms in western New England in the afternoon.

High temperatures in the 80s to near 90°, with wind from the west and southwest gusting past 30 mph.

Cooler and drier air works in once again for Thursday and Friday. Temperatures back to more seasonable levels and looking mostly dry, though the front may stall near the south coast.

As warmer air tries to come back for Memorial Day Weekend, it may come with a wave of low pressure along the coast. So right now we are just cautiously optimistic that next weekend will be cooler and maybe stay dry, as seen in our First Alert 10 Day Forecast.

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