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More Snow, More Cold

Today's cold weather was just a preview of what is coming at the end of next week

For the first time this season, the temperature never made it to 30° in Boston. The official high temperature for the day was 29°. It will be even colder overnight. Northern New England may drop below zero, and most areas in central New England will bottom out in the single digits or teens. This is just a preview of what is coming at the end of next week.

Sunday will start off sunny and cold. Temperatures quickly recover into the low to mid 30s. Clouds will move in during the afternoon. Snow will begin after dinnertime. The snow will likely be heavy at first. For coastal locations, this is when we will see some minor accumulations before a change to rain. Even with the cold weather we had all weekend, the warmer air will make a return. Snow will change to rain for most areas by 8 AM – the exception will be northern New England. In northern New Hampshire and Maine, the precipitation will likely taper off before any change over.

When all is said and done: 1” – 2” at the coast. 2” -3” west of 128. The higher elevations of Worcester county may see greater than 4”. Central and northern New Hampshire and Maine will likely see half a foot of snow by midday Monday.

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