More Than Half of Boston and Mass. Residents Now Fully Vaccinated

The percentage of both Boston and Massachusetts residents who are fully vaccinated is steadily climbing

Joe Rosato Jr./NBC Bay Area

More than half of Bostonians and Massachusetts residents alike are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to the latest health data.

To date, 356,721 Bostonians are fully vaccinated, making up 52.5% of the city's population, according to the latest COVID-19 Weekly Report from the Boston Public Health Commission.

Meanwhile, throughout the rest of Massachusetts, 3,849,447 people are fully vaccinated, which accounts for approximately 55.8% of the state's population, according to the latest daily COVID-19 vaccine report from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Health officials reported Monday. that a total of 8.1 million doses have been administered in Massachusetts: nearly 4.3 million first doses and nearly 3.6 million second doses of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines as well as over 257,000 doses of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Massachusetts is leading the country in its COVID-19 vaccination rate, according to Gov. Charlie Baker, who has set a goal of vaccinating 4.1 million people by early June. Baker has since said the milestone will more likely arrive in the middle of the month.

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