Mother Arrested Following Fight Near Lawrence High School Faces New Charges

Police arrested Jaqueline Sabino and four adolescents involved in a fight soon after school dismissal Wednesday

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A woman believed to be the mother of one of four minors arrested following a fight at a park near Lawrence High School appeared in court Thursday morning.

Police arrested Jaqueline Sabino and four adolescents involved in a fight soon after school dismissal Wednesday. It was just the latest incident of violence associated with the school.

Sabino was initially charged with intervening in the arrest of her son, who police said was involved in the fight. But the judge read several additional charges in court Thursday, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer.

Four minors and a mother were arrested after a fight in a Lawrence park.

She was released later Thursday on personal recognizance bail and ordered to stay away from the high school. She is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 6.

It's still not exactly clear what happened in the incident at Sullivan Park, as police are still investigating. They haven't said if any of the people arrested were students or what charges the minors are facing.

Students at the school said the fights started outside the school, then gradually moved up the street. One student's mother said dozens of people were involved and her son was punched when he was jumped while trying to run away.

It's the latest in a series of fights that have taken place at the school, which have prompted calls for change from parents and teachers.

Concerned parents and teachers demanded accountability in a series of fights at Lawrence High School, with some calling for the firing of the superintendent and the removal of the school board.

Several students have been arrested and staff have been hurt in previous fights, which prompted an emergency joint meeting at Lawrence Public Library auditorium Monday night between school and city officials.

Several parents and teachers called for the removal of Superintendent Cynthia Paris and the replacement of the school committee. They also pushed to cut ties from the state's control of the school district through receivership.

Teachers at Lawrence High School wore red Thursday morning and staged a walk-in for the fourth straight day. They say staggering dismissal times and making classes longer is not enough to address the rise in violence.

"It feels like it won't stop, and it won't stop until there is significant change," said Mandy Richardson, a ninth grade teacher at Lawrence High. "I know there's a safety need -- we get that -- but we need more than a schedule change."

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