Mother Still Seeking Answers 30 Years After Daughter's Death

Susan Taraskiewicz was 27 when her body was found in the trunk of her car in Revere, Massachusetts, in 1992; her mother, Marlene Taraskiewicz, is pleading for anyone with information to come forward

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Thirty years after a Massachusetts woman was found dead, her mother is still looking for answers.

Susan Taraskiewicz was 27 when she was killed. Her body was found in the trunk of her car in the driveway of an auto repair shop on Route 1A in Revere on Sept. 14, 1992.

"She wasn't perfect. None of us are perfect. But she did not deserve to die like that," said her mother, Marlene Taraskiewicz. "She had her whole life ahead of her."

Susan Taraskiewicz was a ground-crew supervisor at Logan Airport, one of few women in what was a mostly male industry at that time.

"She thought, 'They're harassing me because I'm a female. I got the job that most men have, and they want me to quit.' My Susan never would have quit," Marlene Taraskiewicz said.

On Sept. 13, the Saugus woman left to pickup sandwiches for coworkers. She never returned. Her mother believes she was lured to the restaurant by someone she knew.

"She said, 'I'll go and get sandwiches,'" Marlene Taraskiewicz recalled. "It was an excuse to go out … She would never have done that."

She still does not know who called her daughter.

Recent arrests in New England cold cases have inspired Marlene Taraskiewicz.

"It brings closure to the families," she said, noting that she does not have that closure.

She issued a message Wednesday for anyone with information.

"Please. We just want peace and closure," she said.

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