Driver Charged With OUI After Motor Home Crashes Into Budget Inn in Westwood

Footage from the scene showed the vehicle with substantial damage, with part of the motel's roof shearing into the motor home.

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A motor home crashed into the side of a motel off Massachusetts Route 1 in Westwood Thursday, sending one person to the hospital, authorities said.

Surveillance video captured the moment a motorhome slammed into the Budget Inn around 3:30 p.m.

"I was in my room," said motel guest Jerome Brown. "All of a sudden, I heard a big commotion."

The driver of the camper, identified by Westwood Police as 63-year-old Richard Robertson of Whitman, lost control of the vehicle while driving on Route 1 southbound and crashed into the motel. Police say Robertson was operating under the influence.

"It actually shook the building," said Brown. "Felt like an earthquake."

Motel workers saw it coming from the office window.

"And then, bam, he was into the side of the motel," said staffer Yash Sanghavi.

Witnesses tried to get to the driver to see if he was OK. Mira Desai says two men helped her crawl through the shattered glass.

"They hiked me up, I went through the driver's window and basically I calmed the guy down," said Desai. "He was freaking out, he was bleeding from his arm, his face was bleeding."

Witnesses say the driver had just entered Route 1 moments before the crash.
The wreckage is substantial.

The RV was destroyed, and the impact caused damage to the front office of the motel.

Inspectors say the building is safe, but it's just one more problem for the motel owners who are just getting back on their feet.

"It's a tough time for everyone," said Alicia Patel, whose family owns the motel. "Just adds another thing onto our plate to worry about."

The driver of the camper was conscious and alert. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Nobody else was hurt.

Robertson is facing several charges, including operating under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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