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Mount Ida College Holds Last Graduation Day

Graduation day is meant to celebrate new beginnings, but today marked the end of an era as Mount Ida College celebrated its last graduation.

The Newton campus will be sold to UMass Amherst, as announced just last month to the shock of students and faculty.

For students who are still working toward their own graduation day, Mount Ida has set up a 15-person telephone hotline to help them find a new school.

One student today found a way to view the unexpected change in a positive light.

"Just the way things ended, it taught us how to change and adapt to different scenarios and options, for those that have to continue at other schools," said Rufaro Nyarota, a Mount Ida College graduate.

The state senate will have an oversight hearing to discuss the Mount Ida/UMass Amherst deal. Some senators are questioning whether it's the best way for UMass to spend its money.

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