Mourning Mother Says Coins Stolen From Son's Grave

Lynda Kiernan’s son Beck, a Marine, died in February at age 18 after his injured leg was infected with flesh-eating bacteria.

“Beck was remarkable," Kiernan said. "He wanted to be a Marine since he was tiny."

She and others who visit his gravestone oftentimes leave coins. “A coin that they were here, to show respect," Kiernan explained. "A penny meant you knew them or a nickel meant you were in basic training with them. A dime meant you served with them. A quarter meant you were there when they died."

This summer, she’s noticed someone’s been stealing coins from Becks headstone. “The thought of any little bit of respect being taken away from him is sickening. These are important symbols. This is not money," she said.

She doesn’t know whose been taking the coins but has a message for whoever it is. “How dare you ? Do you understand what you’re doing when you take from gravestones like that?” Kiernan said.

Massachusetts State Police day they were informed of the problem several weeks ago. Addiction patrols have been notified and monitor the cemetery when time permits.

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