MS-13 Member Sentenced in Connection With 15-Year-Old's Murder

A convicted MS-13 gang member has been sentenced in a racketeering conspiracy involving the 2015 East Boston murder of a 15-year-old boy.

A judge sentenced 23-year-old Joel Martinez to 40 years in prison and two years supervised release after he admitted to killing Irvin Depaz and racketeering activity in December.

As a Salvadoran national, Martinez is subject to deportation when he finishes his sentence, according to prosecutors.

Martinez, who was known by his gang name "Animal," admitted to stabbing Depaz to death on Trenton Street during recorded conversations between him and a cooperating witness.

"I stabbed the culero three times," Martinez said in the recordings, adding, "He stared at me and he asked me if I was going to, if I was going to stab him. I told him, 'Yes, the Mara rules you.'"

Depaz's murder led to Martinez's induction as a full MS-13 member during a ceremony that was recorded by law enforcement agents.

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