Manhole Fire in Brighton Sends Smoke Barreling Out of Three Manholes

Boston fire officials responded Sunday morning to reports of multiple manhole fires.

According to a work crew on scene, the fire was in one MBTA manhole but caused smoke to erupt out of three manholes by Lake Street and Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton.

People in nearby neighborhoods, which are usually quiet, were rocked by what they described as three loud explosions around 7 a.m. 

A man who lives down the street said he heard what sounded like a bomb going off. When he went outside, he saw thick, black smoke in the air, and fire crews immediately told him what was going on.

Crews are on scene working to repair the damage that was done. There was an electrical issue that caused a fire and then forced three manholes to explode.

Officials were not able to get into the manholes until they were deenergized.

Once the MBTA cut the electricity, fire officials began working.

NBC Boston's crew was asked to keep its distance until the power was turned off because officials were unsure if other manhole covers could explode into the air.

No injuries have been reported.

There is no estimate as to when the power will be restored.

There are some delays being reported on the MBTA.

There is no word on what caused the line to catch fire.

The incident is under investigation.

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