Mystery Musician Unmasked, Gifted a Piano

After a video of a masked man playing the piano went viral, Remarkable Cleanouts in Norwood tracked him down and gave him a piano of his own

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John Capron tickled the ivories during a trip to Remarkable Cleanouts with his girlfriend over the weekend, striking a tune that resonated with people in the store and across social media.

"People were coming and singing and saying how great he was," employee Melissa Rediker said. "And then he just disappeared."

In accordance with coronavirus safety precautions, Capron was wearing a mask while inside the Norwood, Massachusetts, warehouse of the family-owned clean-out service. He asked employees if he could play the $200 piano, which has long been somewhat of a nuisance at the store.

"The kids come in and do these 'Chopsticks' -- makes you kind of crazy, know what I mean?" owner Mark Waters said.

When Capron left after he finished playing on Saturday, no one had any idea who he was or how to contact him.

"How do you find this guy? We didn't know how," Waters said.

But through a video that went viral on social media, one thing led to another, and the store owner was able to track him down to give him a piano of his own on Wednesday.

"I have been playing piano since I was 15," Capron said. "My mind is completely blown. I did not see this coming at all."

Two strangers -- now friends -- united by the power of music, serve as a reminder during these unprecedented times that there is a path toward harmony.

"It brought tears to my eyes, to be honest with you," Waters said. "You know, if you can make someone else happy, bring a little joy to their heart, that's what life is about."

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