Naked Customer Surprises Vermont Store Owners

A completely nude man strolled into the business and bought a coffee

A southern Vermont business had quite a shock this week when a naked customer walked in.

A Bennington store called Bringing You Vermont provided video to necn and NBC10 Boston’s Vermont affiliate, NBC 5 News, which showed the man inside the business.

In the video, the man is seen holding glasses in one hand and a wallet in the other. Bringing You Vermont said the man strolled in, mentioned he was from Pennsylvania, asked the clerk where the coffee was, paid for his drink, then asked for a suggestion of a good place to go swimming.

The family-owned business said it has never had a customer quite like this before.

“I have no problem with somebody acting natural and stuff,” store owner Ryan Hassett told NBC 5 News. “But I’m not encouraging people to come into our establishment au naturel!”

Hassett’s daughter was working the register at the time, and he told the news station she treated the man respectfully, calmly, and gave him answers to the questions he asked her.

Technically, public nudity is not illegal in Bennington—as long as the person isn’t acting lewdly or harassing anyone. However, Hassett said he hopes the business will not experience something like this again.

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