New England

Nathan Carman Expected to Testify in Trial Over Sunken Boat Insurance Claim

The civil trial focuses solely on an $85,000 insurance claim for a sunken boat

The Vermont man at the center of investigations involving the shooting death of his millionaire grandfather and disappearance of his mother, will testify in federal court Thursday in a civil trial regarding an insurance payout.

Nathan Carman will testify in a non-jury civil trial that will determine if insurance companies will cover an $85,000 claim for a boat that sank nearly three years ago in New England.

Carman said he and his mother, Linda, went on a fishing trip on his boat, the Chicken Pox, in September of 2016. He told authorities the boat sank hours into the voyage and that he quickly lost sight of his mother.

The defendant was found floating in a life raft more than a week after the sinking. Neither the boat nor Linda Carman were found, and the woman is presumed dead.

The Boat Owner’s Association of the United States and the National Liability & Fire Insurance Company has refused to pay for the claim, stating Carman made modifications to the boat that made the vessel unseaworthy.

Carman’s aunts suspect foul play in the sinking and also claim he is responsible for the 2013 death of his grandfather.

The trial began last week, with the first witness discussing his sale of the boat to Carman.

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