National Weather Service Confirms Blizzard Conditions in Lawrence, Mass.

A powerful winter storm left most Massachusetts residents digging out on Tuesday and many without power.

“Winter’s taken its last grip on us,” said Lawrence resident Leo Drouin. “I hope."

Mother Nature made a slam dunk on Lawrence with a blizzard hitting the city hard.

The National Weather Service initially reported that Worcester experienced blizzard conditions early Tuesday afternoon.

The weather service defines a blizzard as three hours of sustained winds or frequent gusts of 35 miles an hour or greater, along with snow that reduces visibility to less than one-quarter of a mile.

After digging deeper into its data, however, the service discovered that the city had fallen short of that definition and concluded that Lawrence had experienced blizzard conditions for about four hours during the late-winter storm.

"It was very windy,” said Lisa Cruz. “We were worried about the branches falling down in the backyard."


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Tuesday evening, residents were digging out on Cambridge Street.

“Shoveling out my car,” said Florence Schnepp. "I have an early doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning I have to get to. We’ll be shoveling out probably most of the night.”

Elsewhere north of Boston Tuesday, an MBTA bus skidded and hit a parked car in Revere.

The surf was up in Lynn as high tide rolled in.

And all along Route 114, crews were out removing snow from the typically busy thoroughfare.

“I like it because it’s good money,” said plow driver Ashley Lundin.

Lundin says she’s pelted with stares and comments because she’s a female plow driver.

"I can drive circles around the guys,” said Lundin.

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