NBC Boston Responds: Road to Repair

Simon Thomas splurged on a new Ford Mustang four years ago, but it wasn’t all a joy ride. The car ended up in the shop for several issues that were covered by the warranty, including rust on the hood.

The car was re-painted, but two years later, the problem was back.

"The rust started coming back... after they repaired it,” Thomas said. "In the past six months it’s grown all the way over to here. You can see the bubbling."

So he contacted customer service at his local Ford dealership.

"They first said re-paint it. And the best they were willing to do on re-painting was split the cost 50/50, and I felt that was unacceptable for something we knew was going to reoccur again," Thomas said.

He felt the only solution was to replace the hood and trunk, and reached out to the manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, hoping they would work with him and his dealership to resolve the issue.

"You’re dealing with Ford Motor Company, one of the oldest manufacturers in the country, one of their premier products. It’s the nameplate," Thomas said. "It wasn’t a cheap car. It was over $40,000. It shouldn’t have these problems. And when it does, they should stand behind it."

Despite repeated calls and emails to explain the situation to Ford, Thomas hit a road block.

He contacted NBC Boston Responds for help, and we asked Ford to take a look at his complaint.

"I think within a few days after that, I got a call from the executive office at Ford Motor Company," Thomas said.

They were able to reach a resolution. Ford Motor Company agreed to contribute $3,954 toward the cost of the new hood and trunk. Thomas and the dealership would each pay an additional $500 for the fix.

Ford did not respond to our request for comment. The work was done. The car looks great. Thomas is happy.

"I’m glad that you were able to help," he said.

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