NBC Boston Responds: Sprint Overcharges

In November, we shared the story of our viewer, Marvin Johnson, who said he was being overcharged by Sprint after signing up for a promotion. We got involved and he got a refund and his monthly bill reduced.

"I called NBC Responds - and this is no lie - within 24, not even 36, hours, I got a call back from the executive offices of Sprint," said Johnson. "They gave me credit for the iPad and virtual reality gear and they gave me all my money back."

Another viewer, Mark McCarron, was watching, and felt he was in a similar situation.

"It reminded me of the issues I had been having with Sprint since last April," said McCarron. "I guess that was it, but I had a deal where I was going to get a free iPhone."

Mark signed up with Sprint during a promotion to get a free Iphone with the purchase of another. With an additional incentive, he added on three Samsung Galaxy phones and says he was told his monthly bill would be around $190, but instead, he was charged $250 a month.

"Four or five calls to them over the next couple of months," said McCarron. "It was difficult for me even talking to the store manager, even though I had all my paperwork."

Mark contacted NBC Boston Responds and we asked Sprint to look at his complaint. McCarron tells us he received a call from a Sprint customer service representative within three days, saying they were sorry about the overbilling and would credit him on the next bill.

"I now owe them negative $49, which is good," said McCarron.

Sprint tells NBC Boston they are happy to report this matter is now resolved to Mr. McCarron's satisfaction. They say they have processed the credit of $32.09 back to his first invoice, dated March 25, 2017, and scheduled the reoccurring credits to impact monthly, going forward through the end of the leases in August 2018.

"It's absolutely wonderful," said McCarron. "It really is. I can't thank you guys enough for helping me out. I'd probably still be fighting this today if it wasn't for you."

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