NBC10 Boston Launches Doc: ‘The Dividing Scar: Massachusetts and the Four Lost Towns'

A Quabbin Reservoir documentary drops Monday, May 9 on Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV

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NBC10 Boston launches "The Dividing Scar: Massachusetts and the Four Lost Towns," a 30-minute exclusive Quabbin Reservoir documentary dropping on Monday, May 9, at 4 a.m.

The documentary explores the history of Massachusetts drinking water.

In 1938, four Massachusetts towns, including Dana, Enfield, Greenwich and Prescott, were wiped off the map in order to bring clean water to Boston and much of the Bay State – known today as the Quabbin Resevoir.

“We have an incredible water supply source, but many Boston residents have no idea that communities had to give up their livelihoods so we could have it,” said Shira Stoll, special projects and streaming video producer for NBC10 Boston, NECN and Telemundo Boston. “It is still an emotional trauma that exists in this state and it’s important that we remember the history.”

The build of the Quabbin Reservoir forced 2,500 residents to leave their homes in order to build the drinking reservoir for Boston and the surrounding area. The buildings and land were stripped, set on fire, and flooded. "The Dividing Scar: Massachusetts and the Four Lost Towns" discusses the back story of this decision and what the ramifications have been as a result.

Decades later, John Swan, a descendant of Dana, says, “It feels like I lost my heritage.”

Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels, a diver in the documentary “Under Quabbin” tells NBC10 Boston, “When your home is under water, there’s no going back.”

Many are still divided on the issue since without the project, millions would be without clean, sustainable drinking water. Despite this, all interviewees hope to keep the memory alive.

Gene Thereoux, President of the “Friends of Quabbin” and a descendent of Enfield and Greenwich says, “Part of my mission is to keep the story fresh, probably nothing more discouraging to me that those folks have no idea where their water came from and particularly what was sacrificed.”

Elisabeth Rosenberg author of “Before the Flood,” tells NBC10 Boston, “Boston would not be the city that it is today without the Quabbin... this was the benefit of the many vs. the few.”

“The NBC and Telemundo Boston stations are committed to compelling journalism that is reflective of our local communities,” said Erica Jorgensen, executive producer of special projects and streaming for NBC10 Boston, NECN and Telemundo Boston. “Launching this on our streaming platforms first, reflects our station group’s ongoing mission of creating engaging content for our digital platforms.”

The documentary will be available on all NBC10 Boston streaming platforms, including the NBC10 Boston app, Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV.

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