NBC10 Boston Responds: Cushy Outcome

Rich Diez just spent $7,000 furnishing his condo at Bob's Discount Furniture.

"The bedrooms, the dining room, and living room — all the furniture I needed, and got it set up for delivery," said Diez.

After delivery, he realized something about the couch didn't sit well with him.

"I noticed when I sat in the sofa, the right arm rest felt a little funny. It was like stuffing was missing from the right armrest. I would push down, and there was like a void, and when you push down not only was there a void, it would hit the wooden frame, and it would make a 'clack' sound," said Diez

Rich called Bob's and they sent out a technician.

"When the technician came out, he took a look at the sofa, and tested it and saw what I was saying but, it was his opinion, that was normal," said Diez. "After he had left, I called customer service again as requested, and they looked up my account, and said , 'I'm sorry that the technician reported there is nothing wrong, there is nothing further we can do,'" explained Diez. "I said, 'Do I just have to live with it? I mean, can I send it back?' They said there are no refunds."

Rich's receipt clearly states that once you accept your furniture, it cannot be returned, unless it has an unserviceable factory defect. He continued to push for a repair for three months, even contacting the Better Business Bureau, but he hit a dead end. That's when he reached out to NBC10 Boston Responds for help.

"I'm just so disappointed in how they handled it, and their lack of customer service," said Diez. "I didn't want my money back. I just wanted that little issue to be corrected."

We contacted Bob's Discount Furniture. The company offered to refund Rich's sofa for a store credit, less a 15-percent usage fee, or send another tech out to look at the couch. Rich chose the latter, and the second technician finally fixed the problem, adding more stuffing to the arm.

Bob's tells us: "Customer satisfaction is job #1 at Bob's Discount Furniture. We are happy that the issue has been resolved. Our management team is currently reviewing the conflicting service reports."

"I'm happy it's resolved, and now when I have guests over, they are not going to feel that void and look at me funny," said Diez.

Be sure to give any new furniture you buy a thorough inspection, before you the sign the acceptance paperwork when it's delivered. If there is a no-return policy, this may be your only chance to flag a problem.

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