NBC's ‘Great News' Star John Michael Higgins Visits Boston

The new show premieres Tuesday night on NBC Boston at 9 p.m.

Actor John Michael Higgins, the star of NBC's new show "Great News," visited Boston on Tuesday ahead of the show's premiere.

Higgins plays an old-school news anchor alongside actress Nicole Richie. The show also stars Andrea Martin, who decides to take an internship at her daughter's news station.

Higgins, who was born in Boston and attended Amherst College, started his day at KISS 108 alongside "Matty in the Morning," where he talked about his return to the city and his new show.

NBC Boston entertainment reporter Jackie Bruno sat down with Higgins later on in the morning at the Friendly Toast for a quick game of "Rapid Fire" Boston edition.

Higgins concluded his day with a visit to the NBC Boston studios, and even tried anchoring at a real news desk.

"Great News" premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC Boston.

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