Nearly 300 New Coronavirus Cases Reported Across New England Sunday

Connecticut and Rhode Island do not report updated coronavirus cases on weekends

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Nearly 300 new coronavirus cases and at least 14 deaths were reported in New England states on Sunday as people took to beaches, parks and other public spaces to help beat the heat.

The bulk of the new cases were reported in Massachusetts, which saw 218 new cases and 12 deaths. That brings the state's total confirmed case count to nearly 107,000, and deaths to 8,213.

New Hampshire reported 18 new positive cases and two new deaths on Sunday. The state has now had more than 6,200 confirmed cases of the virus, with 554 known active cases. The state reports that 398 people have died.

Maine reported 45 new confirmed cases on Sunday, for a total confirmed case count of 3,687. The state reports that a total of 117 people have died in the state from the virus. No new deaths were reported Sunday.

Vermont reported 12 new cases of the coronavirus on Sunday for a total of 1,350 cases so far. A total of 82,500 people have been tested for the illness since the pandemic started earlier this year. The number of deaths has remained at 56 for a month.

Cambridge-based biotech company Moderna is the first in the United States to announce a start date for its final testing of a potential coronavirus vaccine.

Connecticut and Rhode Island do not provide updated coronavirus numbers on weekends. They typically release that information on Mondays.

On Friday, Rhode Island reported 71 new positive cases and two new fatalities. The state's total confirmed cases count is 17,793, including 990 fatalities.

Connecticut on Friday reported 143 new cases and seven new deaths. The total number of confirmed cases is now at 47,893, with 4,396 fatalities.

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