Nearly 5,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled After Possible Styrofoam Contamination

The meat was shipped as far as Miami-area supermarkets, The Miami Herald reports.

The USDA has issued a recall for almost 5,000 pounds of ground beef after shredded styrofoam was found in the meat.

The recall is for two-pound styrofoam wrapped beef that is labeled "certified angus beef ground chuck 80% lean 20% fat."

The recalled beef was shipped to a distribution center in North Carolina, but did not move out of state. 

The beef has a production date of July 15 and case code 541640.

Some of the styrofoam trays the beef was packaged on were shredded and ended up in the meat, the USDA said. 

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article cited a Miami Herald report that stated the recalled beef may have been sold in Miami-area supermarkets. The Herald has since amended their report to state that none of the beef was actually shipped there. 

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