NECN INVESTIGATES: Former Massachusetts State Sen. James Marzilli Pleads Guilty to Probation Violation

The probation department accepted $1,000 in court fees at a hearing on Wednesday morning

Former Massachusetts state Sen. James Marzilli pleaded guilty to violating his probation at a brief hearing on Wednesday morning.

Marzilli, who sexually harassed four women, volunteered at a school in Burma last year. That school banned him for inappropriate conduct.

The probation violation focused on his travel and not what happened at the school. A judge had authorized Marzilli to travel to Burma, but prosecutors argued that a trip he took to Thailand was not authorized.

"It specifically mentions to inform probation of his travel," probation officer Ross Ickles said at a court hearing held last month. "His travel plans and residency in Burma - it doesn't say anything about going anywhere else."

Marzilli's attorney had argued that he satisfied the probation condition by sending an email saying that he might need to go to Thailand for a medical condition.

The probation department accepted $1,000 in court fees on Wednesday, which will be donated to the Hope & Healing charity. Marzilli was released and his probation continued to the original end date of Feb. 22.

The trial court is reportedly reviewing its policies to determine what position it takes on requests for international travel, and how it implements any orders that judges might make to permit such travel when such requests are made. 

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